Author: By Chris Aviles April 24,2014

I believe every good, gamified class must have a Total Points, xp grading system.

Author: By Guest blogger Monica Burns April 24,2014

This interactive robot brings game play to life with a smart toy that rolls, spins and races based on moves programmed by the user

Author: By Patrick Larkin April 24,2014

The Washington Post ran an article titled "Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming, researchers say"

April 23,2014

Students designed and built a solar-powered boat to compete in a local solar "regatta."

Author: By Shelly Terrell April 23,2014

Poems can help students see what they consider a boring or tedious topic in a different light.

April 23,2014

According to the United Nations World Water Day project, over a billion people around the world live without access to clean drinking water.

Author: By Guest Blogger John Mikulski April 23,2014

I recognized that I could use my passion  for open source software to breathe new life into these tired machines.

Author: By Eric Sheninger April 22,2014

Miss Ginter’s biology students at New Milford High School have been using Padlet as a forum to post answers to teacher-created questions, as well as student-created questions.

Author: By Steven Anderson April 22,2014

The new Reinventing The Classroom Virtual Conference aims to discover and share the most innovative, long-lasting and creative projects and share in a global conversation about what is right with education, world-wide.

Author: By Guest blogger Monica Burns April 22,2014

Since there are plenty of videos on YouTube that are not kid-friendly, YoouKids has developed an iPad app

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