Author: By Eric Sheninger October 1,2014

The learning atmosphere in the library is nothing less than amazing.

Author: By Patrick Larkin September 30,2014

We will be participating in a series of weekly Twitter Chats beginning this coming Thursday at 8 p.m. EST.

Author: By Patricia Brown September 30,2014

Connecting Families

Author: By Terry Freedman September 30,2014

I’ve just published an ‘interim’ edition of Digital Education, the free newsletter for people with a professional interest in educational ICT and Computing.

Author: By Monica Burns September 30,2014

They now have a new feature that you’ll want to check out – rubrics that make it simple to assess and grade student projects and assignments.

September 30,2014

PBS LearningMedia has announced a significant expansion of classroom tools for teachers and students.

September 30,2014

Shmoop’s Shakespeare Central offers summary and analysis of Shakespeare’s plays and poems, glossaries of words and idioms invented by Shakespeare, and a tool that translates modern English into Shakespearean English.

September 30,2014

PPMH is the first school in the nation to adopt NetRef,

Author: By Silvia Tolisano September 29,2014

How can we use the power of networks to raise awareness and support our students in experiencing these skills? What would happen if no one shared?

Author: By Lisa Nielsen September 29,2014

Here is how schools can setup their own anonymous tip lines.

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