Author: By Guest Blogger May 30,2011

New Cannan High School is unique in that it provides a free range learning environment, meaning, what is contraband in places like New York City is embraced at this school.

May 30,2011

Learn360, an interactive, multimedia on-demand provider for the K-12 education market, recently added four new content partners to its digital library:

May 30,2011

Panasonic Solutions Company previewed a passive 3D Projection System (PT-PJ3D53) during the NRA SHOW 2011.

May 30,2011

IBM has met with over 3,000 CIOs to create The Essential CIO, the latest edition of its ongoing C-suite Studies series.

Author: By Lisa Thumann May 28,2011

       My daughters wanted to know what was in the box when we opened it on April 14, but I knew immediately what it was. I had been hoping since I had filled out the form for the

May 27,2011

 Teachscape®, has integrated Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching into Teachscape Reflect’s online software.

May 27,2011

 HP today announced additions to its desktop-to-data-center client virtualization portfolio that offer users improved flexibility, security and productivity

May 26,2011

CDW Government LLC (CDW-G) today announced the results of its first Cloud Computing Tracking Poll.

Author: By Bob Sprankle May 26,2011

I've been using a new LiveScribe pen for several weeks, and I must say, I love it. It's an amazing tool, and what I would have given to have such a device when I was back in college, taking notes.

Author: By David Andrade May 25,2011

  by David Andrade, http edtechguyTeachers have always had to scrounge for funding and the current economic situation only makes this more of an issue. Even with government stimulus packages and big grants, teachers don't see much money for

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