Author: By Lisa Nielsen January 30,2012

I have been using Google’s Chromebook for the couple months, and while there were some things I don’t like, overall, it has moved up as my top recommendation for a learning device for a number of reasons.

January 28,2012

Optoma has added interactive capabilities to its TW610STi short-throw projector.

January 28,2012

Pearson has announced the launch of PowerSchool® for Parents and PowerSchool for Students, two new free apps for the iPhone®, iPod® touch and iPad®.

January 28,2012

Pearson today announced the creation of the Pearson Reading Maturity Metric to measure the reading difficulty of texts.

January 28,2012

Pearson’s app Dash is now among the hundreds of Pearson offerings available on the App Store.

January 28,2012

Optoma has added interactive capabilities to one of its short throw projectors.

January 28,2012

Hitachi America, Ltd., Digital Media Division, Business Solutions Group today announced the introduction of its CP-A301N, CP-AW251N and CP-A221N ultra short throw 3LCD projectors.

Author: By Lisa Nielsen January 27,2012

Parents and educators across the nation are fed up with a government sucking data out of our students like a vampire who needs their blood to survive.

January 27,2012

Cerebellum Corporation is offering the second round of the Kelso’s Choice Grant program.

Author: By Vicki Windman January 26,2012

Need to address the Core Standards in the area of writing?

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