April 29,2013

Digital curriculum and test prep company Shmoop is introducing a new self-serve system, which allows users to set up an account on their own.

April 29,2013

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten will join two Cabinet secretaries and the director of a nationally respected research institute Monday morning for the release of the institute’s annual comprehensive report on the state of preschool across the United States.

Author: By J. Robinson April 29,2013

“Many of today’s students are finding themselves with a very real permanent record---one that reflects every poor decision of their youth, and is stored online forever.”

Author: By Lisa Nielsen April 29,2013

Group texting saves time, improves communication, provides documentation of texts, and sets the stage for easily using many other cell phone tools.

Author: By Guest Blogger Dan Gallagher April 28,2013

Engaging instruction is the goal of every educator. So when I was introduced to an app that promised such a lofty ideal, I had to try it.

Author: By Vicki Windman April 28,2013

If you work with children on the spectrum, you know what a great addition the social story apps have been to the iTunes App Store.

Author: By Guest Blogger Monica Burns April 28,2013

This app simulates base ten blocks and allows students to manipulate the pieces and annotate their screen.

Author: By Guest Blogger Monica Burns April 28,2013

Poems by Heart from Penguin Classics teaches users how to memorize a poem.

Author: By J. Robinson April 26,2013

Schools continuing to ban cell phones and smartphones are fighting a losing battle.

April 26,2013

Engineering and physics teacher Nelson Nunalee was the high school winner of Vernier Software & Technology's 2013 Engineering Contest

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