Author: By Lisa Nielsen April 18,2014

Social media can provide a great way to engage young people during a trip to museum, landmark, or other cultural institution.

Author: By Shelly Terrell April 18,2014

What if learning were more like playing a video game?

Author: By Patrick Larkin April 18,2014

Allows teachers to chop down YouTube videos and voice over the sound on a video if they wish.

Author: By Michael Gorman April 17,2014

In the last year I have been working toward building up our district e-curriculum.

Author: By Steven Anderson April 17,2014

As you can see it's a robotic ball that you control via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet.

April 17,2014

SMART Technologies Inc. announces the release of SMART Notebook® collaborative learning software 2014.

April 17,2014

NEC Display Solutions of America announced today a new $25,000 giveaway contest for K-12 schools.

April 17,2014

WIN Learning and Kuder Inc. today announced their new partnership to provide educators and students with capabilities for career guidance and planning.

Author: By Kevin Hogan April 17,2014

 Who really cares about Johnny’s 2nd grade math scores anyway?

April 17,2014

InFocus Corporation has added two series of bright projectors to its existing lineup of affordable classroom models

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