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VizZle Player iPad App Released

11/2/2011 By:

Monarch Teaching Technologies (MTT) is proud to announce its VizZle Player App for iPad is now available on the App Store, giving children with autism access to  visual supports and lessons. The VizZle Player App takes advantage of a child with autism’s affinity for iPad's Multi-Touch display and gives educators and parents access to important academic and social skill building lessons.

“iPad has become hugely popular both at home and at school for use with children with autism because they are so drawn to a visual, Multi-Touch experience,” said Terry Murphy, CEO of Monarch Teaching Technologies. “We are excited that we can now help parents and educators take full advantage of that affinity by providing them with content from evidence-based instruction shared by experts in autism.” 

The content in the VizZle Player App comes from a peer-reviewed shared library within VizZle, award-winning software that autism educators use to create visually supported interactive lessons that can be played on interactive whiteboards, touchscreen computers, PCs and Macs, and now iPad.

The VizZle Player App is available for free from the App Store on iPad or at

VizZle, is a web-based authoring tool that empowers educators to create fun, interactive, visually-supported curriculum customized to the needs of children with autism and other learning challenges. Using any of the thousands of pre-made lessons from the peer-reviewed shared library or using lessons created with flexible templates and thousands of in-program or imported images, audio and video clips, teachers can track improved outcomes by IEP goals or any state standard.

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