Teacher Evaluation Tips

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When evaluating teachers, a new book by Robert Marzano and Michael Toth, Teacher Evaluation That Makes a Difference: A New Model for Teacher Growth and Student Achievement (ASCD, 2013), offers a variety of tips that can be useful to school administrators. For example, after a teacher evaluation, Marzano and Toth suggest you ask your teacher the following three questions:

■ As a result of what I saw today, which aspects of my teaching do I feel were validated? This question requires teachers to take note of the instructional strategies they currently use for which they now have evidence that other teachers use as well.

■ As a result of what I saw today, what questions do I have about my own teaching? This question requires teachers to examine the effectiveness of strategies they currently use.

■ As a result of what I saw today, what new ideas do I have? This question is designed to stimulate thinking about new strategies teachers might use in their classrooms.

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