Author: By Michael Gorman August 20,2014

In this post, I invite you to look for that one Maker Possibility that will allow your students to make as they learn, while incorporating some sort of technology.

Author: By Dean Shareski August 20,2014

“Data” often breeds lowest common denominator thinking.

August 20,2014

Sarah Brown Wessling of Johnston Senior High School in Johnston, IA, uses cell phones as a formative assessment device.

Author: By J. Robinson August 19,2014

I've been trying to find an offline blogging app for my MacBook Pro for quite awhile.

Author: By Terry Freedman August 19,2014

There are three applications in one: JIT5, LOGO and Visual.

Author: By Guest blogger Monica Burns August 19,2014

ComicMaster is a web-based application that lets students create their own comics

Author: By Lisa Nielsen August 18,2014

If you are looking for inspirational videos to spruce up professional development at your school this year, look no further than "The Brainwaves" video anthology which features videos on a myriad of topics from innovative educators.

Author: By Silvia Tolisano August 18,2014

 Here you will meet the thinkers, dreamers and innovators; some of the brightest minds in education.

Author: By Eric Sheninger August 18,2014

Over the past few years my work has been aligned to digital leadership and has ultimately defined me as an educator, leader, and person.

August 18,2014

Jupiter Ed announced today the addition of an Anonymous Hotline feature to their Jupiter iO all-in-one gradebook, LMS, analytics, and SIS solution.

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