Author: By Patricia Brown October 31,2014

Pixel Press | Draw your own video game.

Author: By Silvia Tolisano October 31,2014

What are some other considerations and examples for educational conference documentation?

October 30,2014

Project Lead The Way announced today a partnership with Autodesk and Certiport that will expand PLTW teacher and student access to industrial certification in the suite of 3D design software programs from Autodesk.

October 30,2014

Excel Dryer, Inc., manufacturer of the XLERATOR® and new XLERATOReco® hand dryers, today announced several installations of high-speed, energy-efficient Green Apple XLERATOR® hand dryers on behalf of the third annual Green Apple Day of Service.

October 30,2014

In San Juan Unified School District, over 22,000 teachers, parents and students have been using the Schoology Learning Management System

Author: By Özge Karaoglu October 30,2014

Here is a cool online game that we can use to train young learners on how to be more safe as they are using their emails: Safety Land

Author: By Lisa Nielsen October 30,2014

Innovative educators always want to know the latest and greatest tools and resources for teaching and learning.

Author: By Monica Burns October 30,2014

iziggi_slide01This year I’ve had the opportunity to try out a wonderful document camera that has tons of great features.

Author: By Terry Freedman October 29,2014

Whether you are moving to a new school, or staying where you are, it’s good to stand back and try to gauge what the school’s education technology is like.

Author: By Patrick Larkin October 29,2014

This week I wanted to give three reasons to consider using a social bookmarking resource like Diigo.

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