Author: By Monica Burns September 23,2014

Zaption is a fantastic web app that gives teachers the power to create their own video lessons using a variety of multimedia.

Author: By Terry Freedman September 23,2014

It seems to me that schools need to start thinking now about their policy on smartwatches and any other wearable technology.

Author: By Patricia Brown September 23,2014

I had the great opportunity to participate in the podcast The House of EdTech with Chris Nesi this past weekend.

Author: By Kevin Hogan September 22,2014

Found a few items of good news during the edtech weekend reading, which can only help on Monday morning.

Author: By Patrick Larkin September 22,2014

A pretty good list of free online courses for high school students

Author: By Özge Karaoglu September 22,2014

This year, if you do not want your students to use only pencil and paper, here are some ideas and tools that can enhance your lessons with some technology.

Author: By Lisa Nielsen September 22,2014

Innovative educators know how important it is to embrace the tools that students are already using to research and learn more about the topics in which they are interested.

Author: By Eric Sheninger September 22,2014

"When was the last time any of us had to take a standardized test in our careers? Answer = never. So why is this done to kids incessantly?"

Author: By Silvia Tolisano September 22,2014

This type of crowdsourced-selfie-activity is a great way to have students participate in summarizing their learning, make a prediction, make it visible (you could use a Visible Thinking Routine, ex. CSI), or as an exit ticket.

Author: By Alice Keeler September 20,2014

Google Classroom allows you to take a document, video or link and push it out to your students.

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