Author: By Terry Freedman July 25,2014

For the final edition of this free newsletter, we have a great line-up of experts and articles:

Author: By Özge Karaoglu July 25,2014

I was really sad when Google had stopped Google Search Stories, but Google has a much better tool than this: Google Story Builder

Author: By Lisa Nielsen July 25,2014

I have had the pleasure to be involved with creating partnerships between innovative educators and the companies that provide them with resources.

Author: By Pernille Ripp July 24,2014

So for all of those just getting started, who perhaps are ready to move beyond use computers as research engines and typewriters, here is a little advice from someone who has been there:

July 24,2014

Gordon van Owen uses poetry and free audio software to teach his NYC students about speaking, listening and important analytical skills.

July 24,2014

EveryoneOn, a nonprofit devoted to closing the digital divide, is working with Sprint to help implement the commitments that Sprint has made as part of President Barack Obama’s ConnectED initiative.

Author: By Guest blogger Monica Burns July 24,2014

One of the fantastic parts about using mobile devices in your classroom is giving students the ability to explore locations that might be difficult for a field trip.

Author: By J. Robinson July 24,2014

In the 21st century, it is impossible to dismiss the powerful possibilities that exist due to online learning delivery systems.

Author: By Michael Gorman July 23,2014

Turn “beautiful words into meaningful images in seconds"

Author: By Chris Aviles July 23,2014

Leaderboards fill a necessary niche in a Gamified classroom: leaderboards raise the status of all students and motivate Gladiators and Achievers.

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