ISTE11 NEWS: Classroom tech management and more

10/21/2011 1:18:16 PM

LanSchool Technologies made several announcements today at ISTE 2011:

LanSchool Tech Console, the new management console for use by Tech Coordinators. An individual tech coordinator can manage, monitor and communicate with hundreds of individual classroom computers remotely from a central console, which displays the current state of all computers under management within a district or school.  C
oordinators can install applications, upgrades and updates remotely to ensure that each computer on the network is running the most current software. 

 LanSchool 7.6, the latest version of its popular software for helping teachers manage the technology in their classrooms. LanSchool 7.6 adds support for Ubuntu Linux, Windows Mulitpoint Server 2011 and the Vernier LabQuest science device , further helping teachers teach using technology and keeping students on task and away from digital distractions.  Teachers in a computer-equipped class struggle getting through to students who are playing games, texting friends, shopping, hacking, Facebooking, or even downloading inappropriate content or cyberbullying.  The new software version offers:

Automated SIS Class List Import.
Send/Collect Directories. 
Blank Screens before Login. 
ScreenFeed. Watch student monitors scroll by one-by-one.
Testing Management. 


Aquisition by Stoneware, Inc. Stoneware allows organizations to create their own private cloud and virtual web desktop to access it. By combining forces with Stoneware, LanSchool will be able to provide customers just-in-time management in a BYOD or 1:1 environment. 

Integration of LanSchool v7.6 Software with Microsoft’s new Windows Multipoint Server (WMS) Console. By joining forces on development, LanSchool and Microsoft can offer greater computing power and teaching solutions in the classroom, all at a significantly lower Total Cost of Acquisition and Ownership.

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