It is not a matter of if……..(part one) by Cheryl Oakes

10/21/2011 1:18:16 PM

It is not a matter of if……..

This is a two part blog post, I am beginning the post and on Thursday Bob Sprankle will finish it ….
It is not a matter of if your laptop or desktop or phone or camera will crash, but really a matter of…..

Take the poll and see how you compare to others of us.

Are you prepared for your laptop, desktop, camera or phone to CRASH?

If your answer is something like almost never or it is a fleeting thought, or when it happens you will scream, then you are among the majority of us.

If however, you work for the CIA or a financial institution or a government agency, then you never think of it because someone else has already made those plans and your computer is locked down and your use is very rigid and everything you do is backed up.

Let's consider that you are an educator who has received a laptop and some instruction about the basic use of your laptop. When it came time for the part about saving to the server you tuned out because well, after all, this was new technology and you probably were thinking that what could I possibly have to save? Let's flash forward 6 years and 2 laptops later!

You embraced technology use and you have created units of work, newsletters to parents, lessons, class lists, projects related to school goals, and oh yeah, you have collected hours of documentation about your professional plan and the reflections about your work.

You collected a few USB flash drives. You save some documents. You save some units. Now the task of organizing all those USB flash drive units.

While it is easy, so to speak, to use my flash drives when I have to save and transport some documents, now I have a collection of flash drives and it takes a long time to load them and sort through them and actually find the item I am looking for.

However, if I backed up to one server, one external hard drive, one place I would be able to search through the hard drive and find my item and my life would be easier. Yours would be too! Find your technology mentor, your technician, your IT person and find out how to backup to some kind of device. Find the process that will work for you, there is no one magic answer. Do it today, make it your New Year's Resolution, but do it. Remember it is not a matter of if……….


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