Ergonomic Tablet Stands Designed for the Classroom

1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

Belkin today announced two new tablet stand solutions for the education market. Designed as a result of extensive research and insights gathered from users in the education field, the new Belkin Tablet Stand and Belkin Tablet Stand with Storage are suited for the classroom environment where mobile learning and digital content collaboration are reshaping the educational experience.
The Belkin Tablet Stand and Tablet Stand with Storage are both made of colorful, durable, non-slip material and enable multiple ergonomic angles for viewing or typing on tablets. The Belkin Tablet Stand features a stackable design and may also be used as a stable video recording stand. The Tablet Stand with Storage offers an integrated compartment where students can place supplies such as ear buds, device chargers, pencils and markers under a secure-latch lid.
The new Belkin Tablet Stand and Belkin Tablet Stand with Storage will be generally available worldwide in September 2012 through Belkin's network of distributors and value added resellers. 

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