Today's News: Is the Chicago Strike Really About the Money?

9/11/2012 12:00:00 AM
It’s not about the money. As the Chicago teacher strike enters its second day, analysts from around the country are shaping the walkout into a referendum on standardized testing and teacher accountability.  The LA Times weighs in on how the strike is a bellweather for other districts. Editors at the Christian Science Monitor opine in support of city management: “Like many cities that know they must compete in a global marketplace, Chicago wants to support good teachers and let bad teachers go. Doing so isn’t easy. Each school district must find its own approach. But even teachers must make the grade.” The Wall Street Journal looks at the haphazard progress New York State has made toward creating accountability metrics. The blogosphere is also starting to heat up. Let’s hope this important debate doesn’t come at the expense of the students. —Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director
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