WeVideo updates video creation software

6/13/2013 12:00:00 AM

Online video creation platform, WeVideo, Inc., today announced its new software updates. WeVideo is used by educators and students to capture, edit and distribute content for a variety of school activities, including classroom presentations, project reports and extracurricular documentaries (e.g., athletic events, performing arts, community affairs, etc.).

New features include:

  • Educators can now group individuals; view and comment on student work; and monitor the progress of video projects.
  • Each classroom license now allows collaboration for up to 50 people on unlimited projects.
  • Educators can now access and organize classroom video projects and media files on their WeVideo Hub (homepage).
  • School administrators can now centrally manage staff and student accounts.
  • More editing tools, including advanced cropping and scaling capabilities. Later this summer, WeVideo will introduce slow-mo/fast-mo techniques and green screen capabilities.
WeVideo has rolled out a simplified pricing model for educators: $149.00 per classroom (up to 50 users) for six-months (semester) or $249.00 per year (annual) when paid in advance. For schools that subscribe before August 1, 2013, WeVideo is offering a special promotion of $99.99 per classroom (up to 50 users) for the first six-month semester, or $199.99 for the first year. Schools can purchase subscriptions with the educational discount by visiting www.wevideo.com/education.
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