Free, research-based curriculum tackles reading comprehension

9/17/2013 12:00:00 AM
ReadWorks is a free, Common Core-aligned program for grades K-6 that aims to improve teacher effectiveness and raise student achievement in reading comprehension.
Features include:
  • a research-based curriculum, that provides teachers with specific and measurable learning objectives
  • interactive reading comprehension units and lessons
  • a gradual release of responsibility methodology, in which the teacher models comprehension while releasing responsibility to the student through guided practice and independent work
  • lessons that introduce vocabulary words for teachers and language for directly introducing the new vocabulary to students
  • lessons incorporating background knowledge development.
In addition to hundreds of lessons featuring fiction texts, ReadWorks provides over 1,000 Lexile-leveled non-fiction passages with research-based question sets for grades K-6. All of these passages are built as stand-alone curricular pieces that reinforce essential skills and strategies, establish scaffolding for vocabulary learning, and maximize implementation flexibility as both a read-aloud exercise and an independent reading practice tool.         
For more information or to sign-up for the ReadWorks curriculum, visit


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