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From Dubai to Dayton, educators are constantly striving to create new and better ways to teach and learn, often through the use of new technologies. From 2012 onward, the editors at T&L will report on that progress online and in print in the new “T&L International” section. Contribute your own ideas to our global conversation. Let’s see what we can learn from each other.
Author: By Terry Freedman August 11,2014

What can you realistically do at this stage to prepare for September?

Author: By Terry Freedman July 14,2014

A student writes a program. What are you going to assess it on?

Author: By Terry Freedman July 10,2014

Whether you decide to create your own assessment scheme from a blank sheet of paper, so to speak, use a ready-made scheme created by someone else, or do a bit of both, there are 6 questions you need to ask:

Author: By Terry Freedman July 1,2014

It explores the use of technology in art, music and fashion, to name but three, plus looks at what the future might hold — and the opportunity to go back in time to the first website, created by Berners-Lee, and the video game Pong.

Author: By Terry Freedman June 27,2014

This school has developed and refined a series of assessments that screen the level of development of basic cognitive skills.

Author: By Terry Freedman June 25,2014

Progression Planners could be applied in the context of ICT and Computing.

Author: By Terry Freedman June 13,2014

The DfE recently announced the winners of its Assessment Innovation Fund:

Author: By Terry Freedman June 11,2014

How are teachers preparing for the new Computing curriculum, which is due to start being taught in September 2014?

Author: By Terry Freedman June 6,2014

The school feels that the ladders work extremely well as a practical checklist to inform students, parents and teachers of next steps in learning.

Author: By Terry Freedman June 3,2014

The school describes its approach as a “growth mindset” that encourages pupils to improve their knowledge and skills using effort, feedback and resilience to aspire to excellence.

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