Editor’s Note – Flip not a flop

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Can it be only a year since Tech & Learning sported this “Flipped” cover? I remember well the conversation with fellow editors about the image: Will our readers get it? Do we get it?

Thanks to no-nonsense insights from authors Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, we like to think everyone got flipped that month, as they laid out precisely how their ideas can be used in a real-world classroom setting (Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/ZedB3Z.) Since that time Bergmann and Sams have become celebrities of a sort, speaking around the world, proselytizing the good news of using podcasts and YouTube to improve instruction. To that end, this month contributing editor Ellen Ullman reports on how educators that get flipped use it across curricula in schools all over the county. It’s not all that radical when you get into the nitty-gritty: assigning videos for homework, devoting more class time to engaged discussion rather than lecture, and maybe, most importantly, getting students to think for themselves. What a concept!

Of course, none of these instructional improvements can take place without some hardcore A/V and network infrastructure to support them. We also take a hard look at the pipes this month with a special feature on schoolwide deployments of displays, clickers, and speakers as well as network management tips for district bandwidth. There will be a quiz next month on what new acronyms you have learned: BYON and MDM anyone?

— Kevin Hogan
Editorial Director

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