TechForum Midwest 2009: Highlights


TechForum Midwest was another dynamic day of events, conversations, and experiences with some of the area's smartest EdTech experts and integrators. Below are some video highlights (see more photos, presentations, handouts, and more at the TECHFORUM page):

Creative Collaboration Using 21st Century Tools with Jon Orech, Scott Meech, Dr. Henry Thiele

Today's students live in an interconnected world in which understanding how to collaborate with peers around the globe is becoming a crucial skill. Our three speakers will share examples of cooperative learning, collaborative authoring and global exchanges facilitated by Web 2.0 tools such as wikis, discussion boards, and Google Education Apps. Learn how creative collaboration is engaging and teaching students while helping prepare them for their future.

Advanced Thinking in Digital Storytelling with Jon Orech

Now that you've used DST for a while, how do you make the projects better? Most teachers begin with a definition of terms, or the "What." Next, they spend some time on the tech manipulation, or the "How." This presentation focuses on the meta-cognitive, or the "Why," In other words, understanding and justifying the rationale for making decisions in story crafting. Emphasis will be placed on writing process, image manipulation, motion, transition, pacing, and soundtrack.

Every Tech Forum includes a roundtable break-out session that lets attendees discuss a wide variety of EdTech issues with some of the smartest people in the industry. Here is a sample of some of these discussions.


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