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Tech Forum New York 2002
  Here is a recap of the day's sessions and events, complete with handouts and resources provided by many of the speakers.
Opening Keynote:
From Closet to Classroom: A Brief History of What Makes It into the Future
Hall Davidson
Which of your secret technological dreams will come true in tomorrow's classroom? Here are the factors.
  Breakout sessions
#1 Gizmos and Gadgets: The Next New Things
Gwen Solomon (moderator), Karen Vitek, Margaret Honey, and Peter Pappas
What happens when handhelds go to school? Join our panelists to learn how students, teachers, and administrators are adopting the latest (and littlest) technologies for learning, assessment and data management. Find out what advantages these mobile computing devices provide right now, what the next generation will do, and what future gizmos and gadgets may look like.
#2 Desktop Multimedia Breakthroughs
Hall Davidson
Multimedia guru Hall Davidson takes us on an entertaining, whirlwind tour of hot tools, cool techniques and what is becoming possible in the world of do-it-yourself digital multimedia.
#3 Virtual Learning--Where are we Headed?
David Jakes (moderator), Sheila Gersh, Bruce Friend, and Mary Delgado
Virtual schools and classes are pushing the envelope when it comes to serving new audiences in nontraditional settings. But what are the online learning experiences that are breaking new ground pedagogically? And what might the next generation of virtual classes look like?
Industry Spotlights
Hear from and respond to the companies that are sponsoring this event and shaping the future of educational technology. Pick one of two spotlight sessions, where you will learn more about what's hot and new in the areas of:
Managing and Assessing the Technology
  • AEL: Learn about a brand new CD-ROM focusing on "Using Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning"-as well as several other tools for administrators.
  • Epson: From digital cameras to multimedia projectors, printers to scanners, here are some of the tools that schools need for teaching in the digital age.
  • SurfControl: See how Internet filtering and other crucial tools protect student security and safety.
Online Learning for K-12 Schools
  • AOL@School: Standards, test scores and longitudinal research are on everyone's mind these days-as they should be. But let's not overlook the value of tools that build digital literacy, teacher expertise, student motivation, and communication skills, while supplementing the testable standards.
  • Apex Learning: As a leading provider of online instruction for high schools across the country, Apex offers a unique vantage point on the realities of -and potential for-online learning.
  • netTrekker: Looking for academically-focused Web sites aligned with state standards? Learn about netTrekker, the search engine especially for schools.
  General Session
Emerging Technologies--What's Coming and Do We Care?
Judy Salpeter (moderator), Hall Davidson, and David Warlick
Join these two high-energy presenters for a look ahead to some of the most exciting breakthroughs on the horizon and how we might--or might not--use them. Come ready to participate in a lively discussion about which technologies have the power to transform learning and schooling.
  Breakout sessions
#4 Professional Development in the Internet2 Age
Kim Carter and Hall Davidson
From building collegial communities online to using video to show exemplary teachers at work, emerging technology has the potential to transform professional development. Come learn about promising practices and powerful tools aimed at connecting educators for professional collaboration and growth.
#5 Going Wireless--A Crash Course
Jerry Crystal, Adam Kenner and Edward Carmody
What are the pros and cons, costs and pitfalls of wireless networking? What trends and breakthroughs in the wireless world hold the greatest potential for schools? A panel of experienced educators and technologists will share tips, terminology and predictions for those interested in mobile computing with no strings attached. Handout Presentation
#6 Can We Talk?
Michael Greenfield and Todd McIntire
Join us for an update on voice recognition, synthesis, telephony and the various ways in which human and robotic voices are being used to communicate with and through computers. Learn about current and potential applications of these technologies and what to watch for down the road.
Sponsor-Hosted Reception
Join the party! Unwind and network with educators and Tech Forum sponsors.

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