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8:00am - 9:15am
Welcome and Opening Keynote
Clarence Fisher
Information Alchemy
It used to be hard to find information we needed. BG (Before Google) we had a lot of questions, but not very many answers. This has changed. Now we live in an expanding universe of complex, biased, multimedia texts that come at us from all corners of the globe. How do we help students synthesize information, combining all of the pieces they've found scattered across the globe? In his keynote, Clarence Fisher will look at how knowledge is constructed online and how we can help students create the channels they need to gain valuable perspective on our changing world.


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9:25am - 10:40am
Breakout Sessions
In these practical and thought-provoking panel sessions exemplary education leaders share success stories, advice, and lessons learned from their own experiences:



Web 2.0 and Security
Christine Weiser (moderator); Karen Fuller; Shannon Capps; Joel Adkins
Several CTOs will make the case for saying YES to Web 2.0 technologies in their districts, while addressing the sorts of security, safety and policy concerns that are causing less forward-thinking districts to shut it all down.


Shannon Capps


Beyond the Hype: Focusing on What Really Matters
David Jakes (moderator); Miguel Guhlin; Clarence Fisher; Helen Mowers
Do 21st century tools actually lead to new literacies or simply offer a new way to attain existing ones? What impact are they having on students and schools? Can one be an excellent teacher without using today's technology? This lively panel discussion challenges you to think deeply about new technologies and what they mean for education.


Miguel Guhlin

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The Future of Textbooks
Jennifer Bergland (moderator); Anita Givens; Alice Owen; Matt Federoff
With the passage of HB4294 it is time to look ahead and see what the new flexibility will bring. From digital textbooks to no textbooks at all, how will core content be delivered to — or accessed by — students in the years to come?


Anita Givens

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Alice Owen

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Matt Federoff

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Tomorrow's Classrooms Today
Judy Salpeter (moderator); Ann McMullan and Mary Beth Kreml; Bill Landis; Cassie Bland and Tammy McLain
Three districts that have invested heavily in new technologies will explain why they chose the hardware, software and online tools they are using, how it's working for them, and what changes they are seeing in students and classrooms as a result.


Tammy McLain and Cassie Bland

Ann McMullan and Mary Beth Kreml


11:10am - 11:55pm
Roundtable Discussions
Internet Sites for Collaborative Projects



12:00pm - 12:55pm
Industry Spotlights
Hear from the companies that are sponsoring this event and shaping the future of educational technology.


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2:10pm - 3:20pm
Here's the chance to delve deeper into topics of particular interest in K-12 ed tech decision-makers.



Basic Moodle-ography
Miguel Guhlin
In this exciting mini-workshop, geared to IT leaders, Miguel Guhlin will explain what's involved in setting up your own Moodle server using free, open source software, share thrilling stories of derring-do in Moodle administration, and offer examples of cutting-edge Moodle courses and professional development programs. You'll walk away with examples that will save you years of development. Miguel will talk about the use of XAMPP for Windows or GNU/Linux and/or MAMP for Macintosh, the latest version of Moodle, his favorite blocks, modules and themes, and the keys to setting up a successful online course!


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Developing Digital Learning Spaces: From Vision to Reality
David Jakes
Yes, emerging technologies have great potential. But how do we make them work in our schools today? This session explores the implementation of a multi-dimensional digital space with three components—a course space, a student-content creation space, and a knowledge commons that supports both—and examines how they support the development of learning literacies. Come prepared to evaluate these three spaces and discuss the organizational readiness that was required to take them from conversation to implementation.


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Technology in the Bilingual/ESL Classroom...Is There an App for That?
Arturo Guajardo
Sure there is, along with many more tech tools that can transform instruction for your English language learners. This workshop is designed to encourage educators of English language learners to transform their instructional practice through the use of  iPhone/iPod Touch apps, Web 2.0 tools, visual presenters and digital cameras. We will look at specific tools and sites that support common instructional practices for ELLs. Bring your ideas to share with the group and together we'll try to decide on the top five tech tools that will knock the socks off of your Bilingual/ESL teachers and district coordinators.



Digital Portfolios: Addressing the Essential Questions
David Niguidula
How can students demonstrate that they are reaching high standards, while showing who they are as individual learners? Digital portfolios, when used well, can transform assessment; they allow student work to generate new conversations among teachers, parents, students and administrators. In this session, you will see samples of portfolios from across the grade levels and used for a variety of purposes, including parent-teacher conferences, demonstrating NETS standards and as a graduation requirement. We’ll look at what 20 years of research tells us about the “essential questions” that schools need to address to implement portfolios successfully.



3:30pm - 4:15pm
Closing Plenary Session



The View from the Top: A Conversation with Superintendents
Michael Kuhrt, Jesús Chávez, Bret Champion, Andrew Kim, Abbe Boring
Four visionary superintendents will share their perspectives about the role technology can (and should) play in the classroom and the district – and how they justify and find the funds for technology in cash-strapped times.


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