Program: T&L Live Boston 2017

Network with friends while you enjoy breakfast in our “playground” area, where interactive exhibits including makerspaces, learning spaces, new gadgets, and more will be set up throughout the day. Playgrounds include: Jennifer Trombino of Northborough and Southborough Schools will be demonstrating Makerspaces and 3-D design; Michael Hale of Casco Bay High School (Portland, ME) will demonstrate Game Design and Virtual Reality, and Beth Lloyd of Watertown Schools will show how their school uses a Fab Lab to solve real life problems using tools like vinyl cutters, mini 3D printers, and 3D modeling software. .

Michael Horn is the co-founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation and the author of the award-winning book “Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools.” In his keynote, “Personalized Learning: The Vision and the Practice,” Michael will dive into the vision as well as the tactical workflow of personalized learning in a K-12 setting. He’ll discuss why it’s important for schools to be clear about their definition of personalized learning to help guide administrators, staff, and parent communities in realizing a vision that makes sense for each school environment. He’ll share stories about lessons learned from various K-12 personalized learning initiatives that will help attendees learn the practical steps their schools can take to create and sustain a personalized learning plan.

Keynote Presentation

BREAKOUT #1: Blended/Personalized Learning: Part One (Salons E-H)
This panel, comprised of graduates from the Highlander Institute’s Fuse Fellowship program, share their insights on how to build district capacity in blended and personalized learning programs. The Fuse program strives to share, implement, evaluate, and scale blended learning by working with educators and districts across the state. PRESENTERS: Hilary Lundgren & William Black (Teacher & Principal, West Broadway Middle School, Providence Public School Department, RI); Jessica Geremia (District Technology Fellow, Chariho Regional School District, Wood River Junction , RI); and Jason Appel (Math Teacher, Fuse RI Fellow, Barrington High School, Barrington, RI). Moderator: Maeve Murray (Program Manager for Fuse RI)

Blended/Personalized Learning Presentation

BREAKOUT #2: A Look at the New Computer Science Standards (Charles River West)
This session will explore the new Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards curriculum, professional development, and more. PRESENTERS: Jim Stanton (Executive Director, MassCAN at EDC), Anne DeMallie (Computer Science and STEM Integration Specialist, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education), Paul Foster (Chief Information Officer at Springfield Public Schools), and Laura S. Chesson (Assistant Superintendent, Arlington Public Schools, MA).

New Computer Science Standards Presentation

BREAKOUT #3: Demos (Charles River East)
Attendees have the opportunity to learn about some of latest tools for K-12. Presenters: Carol Holzberg demonstrates Smithsonian TweenTribune, Pixlr Editor, and more; Cassandra Charles demonstrates the Summit Personalized Learning Platform. Moderator: Ellen Ullman

Cassandra Charles' Presentation

Carol Holzberg's Presentation

BREAKOUT #4: Leadership Track: Why #GoOpen? (Riverside Pavilion)
This group discussion for school leaders will explore how to #GoOpen using openly licensed educational materials to transform teaching and learning -- as well as ensuring those materials play nicely with your other systems. PRESENTERS: Leo Brehm (CIO, North/Southbourough, Southborough, MA), Andrew Marcinek (CIO, Worcester Academy, Brighton, MA), Mike Jamerson (Director of Technology, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation, IN); and Grace Magley, Director of Digital Learning (Natick Public Schools, MA). Moderator: Kevin Hogan.

Why #GoOpen Presentation

These discussions provide a great opportunity for you to network with fellow technology leaders. Topics will be repeated at the 1:10 "anything goes" breakout session.

* HyperDocs Workshop (Rayna Freedman, Dedham, MA): This workshop will be in Charles River East

HyperDocs Workshop Presentation

* Breakout EDU Workshop (Chrystal Hoe, Technology Integration Coordinator, Hopkinton Public Schools, Hopkinton, MA): Attendees will beta test a Breakout game, where a small group of educators will have 30 minutes to complete a series of challenges, reveal clues, and unlock mysteries in order to win the game. **This workshop will be in Charles River West

Breakout EDU Workshop Presentation

* Revamping Research Skills with Google Apps (Jessica Garbowski, District Instructional Technology Coordinator, Easton Public Schools, Easton, MA)

* How technology can impact and create a positive school culture (Alice Barr, Instructional Technology Integrator, Yarmouth High School, Yarmouth, ME)

Impact of Technology Presentation

* Strategies and Tools to Support the 4Cs of 21st Century Learning (Rachel Discko, technology integration specialist, Manchester High School, Manchester, CT)

* Using G Suite Tools to collaborate better in your environment (Mike Arsenault, Instructional Technology Integrator, Yarmouth School Department, Yarmouth, ME)

* Apps for Activating Spaces (Sarah Connell, Community Service Learning: the Media Literacy Lens, Auburn Public Schools, Auburn, MA)

Growing Apps Presentation

* Gamification and Game Based Learning (Michele Haiken, Author and Educator, Rye Middle School & Manhattanville College, Rye , NY)

* Creating a Student led Digital Citizens Advisory Board (Paul Sanfrancesco, Director of Technology, Owen J Roberts SD, Pottstown, PA)

* How to tie business to technology (Julie York, Career Preparation Department Chair, South Portland High School, South Portland, Maine)

Resources to Fight Fake News (Carol Holzberg)

Resources to Fight Fake News

These discussions provide a great opportunity for you to network with fellow technology leaders. Topics will be repeated from the 11:15 "anything goes" breakout session.

BREAKOUT #1: Blended/Personalized Learning: Part Two (Salons E-H)
These panelists from a variety of districts present best practices related to blended and personalized learning, including the use of technology to tailor instruction, expression of learning, and assessment to each individual's unique needs--as well as how to combine these tools with teaching strategies that address core learning standards. PRESENTERS: Matthew Joseph (Director of Digital Learning, Informational Technology, and Innovation, Milford Public Schools, Milford, MA); Rachel Discko (Technology Integration Specialist, Manchester High School, Manchester, CT); Arzinia Gill (Principal, DelSesto Middle School, Providence, RI); and Anna Nolin (Assistant Superintendent for Teaching, Learning and Innovation at the Natick Public Schools, MA). Moderator: David Ross (CEO, P21)

Blended/Personalized Learning Presentation

BREAKOUT #2: Going Beyond the Hour of Code (Charles River West)
This session will explore ways schools can integrate coding and other STEM programs into other areas of teaching and learning. PRESENTERS: Thomas Chestna (Director of Technology, Moses Brown School, Providence, RI) and Laurie Center (Director of STEM Education, Moses Brown School): Deborah Marshall (Department Chair, Career & Technical Education, Norfolk Public Schools, VA); Robyn McKenney (K-5 Technology Coordinator) and Whitney Wadecki (Teacher, Waterford Public Schoos, Quaker Hill, CT); Moderator: Kevin Hogan

Beyond the Hour of Code Presentation

BREAKOUT #3: Demos (Charles River East)
Attendees have the opportunity to test drive some of latest tools for K-12. Presenters: Mike Arsenault demos Google Keep; Michelle Ciccone demos VideoAnt, Today’s Meet, Diigo, and EdPuzzle; Audra Kaplan & Jeannie Erikson present Road Trip with Google Maps, Knightlab Timeline, and more. Moderator: Ellen Ullman

New Tools for Schools Presentation

BREAKOUT #4: Leadership Track: Communicating Effectively with Your Community (Riverside Pavillion)
How do you effectively use social media to tell your district story? What are some do’s and don’ts of effective communication? This session for school district leaders examines how districts can better tell their stories to their communities and the media. PRESENTERS: Christina Maryland (Grants Research and Communications Specialist, Natick Public Schools, MA); Paul Sanfrancesco (Director of Technology, Owen J Roberts SD, Pottstown, PA); and Andrew Wallace (Director of Technology, South Portland Maine Schools). Moderator: Jean Tower (Director of Media and Digital Learning, Needham Public Schools, Needham, MA.

Effective Communications Presentation

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T&L Live will close with a reception where you can unwind and network with colleagues and industry partners— as well as participate in the end-of-day prize drawing! Bonus giveaway challenge: Tag @LocknCharge in a #TLTechLive post and be entered to win a 6-pack of Baskets by LocknCharge.

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