Program: T&L Live Long Beach 2015

From Social Media to Co-Learning
Howard Rheingold
For the past 10 years, Howard Rheingold has taught courses at UC Berkeley and Stanford in which his students use social media – including blogs, wikis, forums, social bookmarking, and mind mapping – to study social media. At the same time, through dialogue with learners, Rheingold’s pedagogy has shifted to “co-learning” in which students take more responsibility for their own and each other’s learning, the instructor gives them power to shape curriculum, and in dialogue together, instructor and co-learners design and redesign the pedagogy on the fly. Rheingold will talk about this pedagogy and how each of the media affords a different aspect.

Young Learners and Technology
Jennifer Wagner (moderator); Megan Power, Silvia Martinez, Brandee Ramirez, Jennifer Wilson and Krissy Lorz
Who says kindergarteners and first or second graders are too young to learn, collaborate and create using high-tech tools? This session, moderated by Jen Wagner and featuring five primary grade super-teachers, will showcase some great student work and offer guidance for those interested in empowering and inspiring young learners with help from technology.

Megan Power’s slides
Silvia Martinez’s slides
Brandee Ramirez’ slides
Jennifer Wilson’s and Krissy Lorz’ Prezi
Jennifer Wilson’s and Krissy Lorz’ handout

The SAMRized School Royal Salon
Michelle Murphy (moderator); Kris Linville and Brianne Ford, Christie Darnall, and Emy Flores
Whether you’re relatively new to the world of SAMR or already immersed in this approach to impactful technology implementation, this workshop will allow you to drill down on technology uses ranging from substitution to redefinition. Through presentations and discussion, you will analyze a variety of scenarios, explore ways of taking the SAMR approach to a new level, and be ready to examine what’s happening in your own school or district with new eyes.

SAMR Session Slides

IT and Curriculum: Can This Marriage be Saved?
Christine Weiser (moderator); Robert Gravina and Rich Newman; Jenith Mishne and Asim Bobovic; Vanitha Chandresekhar and Brian Jackson
In order for any ed tech initiative to not just survive but thrive, technology and curriculum leaders must share the same goals, which can be easier said than done. This session will bring together leaders from IT, Instructional Technology, and Curriculum to discuss challenges and solutions for creating successful initiatives. Panelists will share their tips for navigating this conversation when transitioning to digital content, 1:1, BYOT, and more. Bring your questions and challenges for discussion!

Download Vanitha Chandrasekhar’s and Brian Jackson’s slides
Robert Gravina’s and Rich Newman’s slides

Not Just Fun and Games
Jay McPhail (moderator); Ann Kozma and Pablo Diaz; Edward Simoneau and Patrick Beal; John Umekubo; and John Wick
From creative play in Minecraft to augmented reality experiences to building their own games using 3D Game Labs or GameStar Mechanic, students invariably jump at the chance to explore and play. But what are they learning as they do so? In this interactive workshop you’ll get an up-close look at the playful learning taking place in several different schools and explore the power of gaming, engagement and student agency.

Download PDF from Eddie Simoneau and Patrick Beal
John Umekubo’s slides
John Wick’s presentation

Join one of these mini-workshops:

* Student Showcase:
Students from Corona Ranch Elementary School, Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School (Santa Ana), Coachella Valley High School, and Bellarmine College Prep (San Jose)
Meet the winning student teams from the Tech & Learning "What's Your Best EdTech Project" contest.

*Achieving Results Through Live Data:
George Araya, Clayton Hill, and Kirsten Wright
Come explore the approaches used in one successful district to manage and learn from data -- in real time -- in order to dramatically improve student achievement.

Defining Digital Citizenship: One Topic, Many Perspectives
Themy Sparangis (moderator); Raymond Chavez, Joe Oliver, and Ashly McNamara
What does “digital citizenship” mean to a student? A superintendent? A teacher? Ask this question to different members of your school community and you will most likely get very different answers. This workshop will dissect specific scenarios, from appropriate use of social media to cyberbullying to plagiarism, and offer takeaways you can bring back to your district and put into action.

Ashly McNamara’s slides

Getting to the (Common) Core
David Haglund (Moderator); Emy Flores; Scott Bailey and Robert Sidford; Michelle Rodriguez, and John Fleischman
Where are you and others in your district when it comes to Common Core implementation and assessment? Are you looking for relevant resources or effective PD related to CCSS? Needing reassurance that you’re on the right track as you move to online assessments? Join other ed tech leaders for an exchange of Common Core success stories, challenges, and ideas.

Emy Flores Presentation

David Haglund:
Elements of Personalized Learning
Mini Unit of Study Grade 4
Mini Unit of Study Grade 4 Student Notebook
Depth of Knowledge Comparsion with Blooms
Gooru Implementation Rubric
Elementary Academic Language Professional Learning Module
Secondary Academic Language Professional Learning Module
Link to Gooru PL Tab
21st Century Competencies Guide
Scott Bailey and Robert Sidford Presentation

BYOT: What’s Working?
Jay McPhail (moderator); Carl Fahle, Rolland Kornblau, Jeremy Davis and Susan Holliday
In this idea exchange you’ll hear from a number of districts that are leading the way when it comes to “Bring Your Own” technology implementations and have the chance to pose questions and share your own experiences with the world of BYOD, BYOT or whatever else you choose to call it.

Carl Fahle’s slides
Carl Fahle’s article
Jeremy Davis’ and Susan Holliday’s slides
Rolland Kornblau

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