5 Ways to Use Social Media On Your Next Museum Trip

6/2/2014 By: Lisa Nielsen

Here are some fun ideas for teachers to integrate tech tools into their next field trip.

1 Get social to create enthusiasm. Before your trip, check out what the institution, and those that visit it, are saying on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

2 Use hashtags: Pick a hashtag for your trip and use it for capturing all the cool things you find.

3 Thinglink: Before going to a museum, print out the museum map. As students go through the museum, have them take pictures and make videos. These can become “touchpoints” on the digital jpeg of the image that can be posted to Thinglink.

4 Yelp review: Rather than writing a traditional report, write a Yelp review. Someone over age 18 needs to post the review, but this is a great way to authentically share knowledge and see what others said about the institution as well.

5 Sketching for connecting with a community: Use a sketching app like Paper to capture museum moments and share them on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or other social media.

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