Tech Lessons That Don’t Need a Connection

6/4/2013 By:

Shelly Terrell suggests the following lessons you can do without an Internet connection:

Commercial Ads: Students create short video commercials in groups. Discuss stereotypes in commercials and recreate them without the stereotypes.

Previews: Students create a movie preview of a book they enjoyed and want to see adapted to film.

Digital Stories: Students work in groups to create a digital story. There are various video editing apps that work on any device that works offline.

Show ‘N’ Tell with a Cell: Students show pictures they took on their devices to their peers and have a discussion of where they took the picture, what it is about, etc.

Visual Vocabulary: Each week the students take photos or record a video representing the concepts, vocabulary, and topics being covered. They upload these collected artifacts to a class laptop via flash stick.

How-to Videos: Each learner can create a how-to video showing a special skill, such as cooking a recipe.

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