K-12 Horizon Report Released

7/23/2013 By: Nancy Caramanico

The K-12 2013 Horizon Report, released in June, gives us a glimpse into the classrooms of the near future. The Horizon Report highlights K-12 emerging technologies that will affect teaching, research, learning, and creative inquiry in higher education. A timeline details when these technologies are predicted to have the most impact in those areas. Some highlights from the report include:

• Time to adoption: 1 year or less: cloud computing and mobile learning.
• Time to adoption: 2-3 years: learning analytics and open content.
• Time to adoption: 4-5 years: 3D printing and virtual/remote labs.

By taking the time to look at the report, school leaders will note how quickly these changes are entering our world and our daily lives. Keeping eyes tuned to the “horizon” will be an essential part of a transformation in tune with what is to come.

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