• LEGO StoryStarter Curriculum Pack

    By: Kevin, Phineas, and Theodore Hogan • Retail Price: $237.95 (Classroom Pack) Designed for use in second through fifth grades, LEGO Education StoryStar...

  • HotSeat’s Edustation flight simulator

    By: Frank Pileiro • Retail Price: $3,395 HotSeat’s Edustation flight simula...

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    By: Carol S. Holzberg • Retail Price: Pricing will differ from one to another based on institution FTE count. For large-scale deployments in K-12 classrooms and computer labs, Adobe recommends that schools purchase Cr...

  • Digital Passport: Classroom Edition

    By: David Kapuler • Retail Price: iPad & Android app: $3.99 Digital Passport for iOS and Android is an expa...

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