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Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch is now available for iPad 2. It offers core Photoshop features, as well as new capabilities for creating and sharing in an app custom-built for tablets. Photoshop Touch gives users the ability to combine multiple photos into layered images, make edits and apply professional effects to create artwork, touch up photos, paint, lay out ideas, and more.

Air Chalk

Sheng Apps has released Air Chalk, a digital chalkboard using iOS, for educators teaching or presenting in class. Teachers can draw or write text on their mobile device, and the content gets displayed on a projector screen using a wireless network connection.

Aruba AirGroup

Aruba’s new AirGroup service is designed to help schools address the usability and performance issues often encountered when they try to give users access to network services like Apple’s AirPrint and AirPlay over their wireless networks. The service leverages the ClearPass portfolio’s ability to identify individual network users’ roles and their locations, and makes plug-and-play network services available to mobile devices.

Atomic TechCore and Atomic Catalyst

Atomic Learning has launched the Atomic TechCore solution, developed in response to the need for districts to address the technology components embedded in the Common Core State Standards. The company has also introduced Atomic Catalyst, instructor-led, online PD courses that encourage peer interaction.

Blackboard Education Open Source Services

Blackboard Inc. has launched Open Source Services, a new effort to support teachers. This new focus will help schools manage open source learning management systems (LMS) including Moodle and Sakai.

BrightStar Reader

BrightStar Learning, Ltd., has introduced the BrightStar Reader, an internet-based application that improves reading fluency and comprehension for slow or reluctant readers often suffering from dyslexia, ADHD, dyspraxia, or visual ADD. On average, after eight sessions conducted over two months, reading levels increase by four months to a year.

Capstone Digital 2012 Summer Reading Olympics

Capstone Digital has launched the 2012 Summer Reading Olympics. All schools using myON reader, the personalized literacy environment that provides access to an integrated library of digital books with multimedia supports, are invited to participate.


Microsoft has released ChronoZoom, a collaborative open-source project between Microsoft Research, Outercurve, University of California at Berkeley, and Moscow State University. Available in beta, ChronoZoom is an intuitive, visual, cloudbased tool that organizes history-related collections containing articles, images, video, sound, and other multimedia.

CyberBully Hotline

SchoolReach has announced its new Anonymous CyberBully Hotline. The service gives students an anonymous voiceand text-based communications tool to report bullying and cyberbullying to school officials. The complete bully prevention program gives schools access to a resource center and professional development materials.

Desire2Learn Assignment Grader

Desire2Learn has launched the iPad app Assignment Grader. The app lets teachers manage, grade, and provide feedback on digital assignment submissions in either offline or online mode.

Discovery Education Techbooks

Discovery Education has expanded its digital textbook series to include Middle School Social Studies Techbooks and High School Science Techbooks. The ebooks offer differentiated digital resources.

eBeam Connect

Luidia, Inc. has announced the public beta availability of eBeam Connect, a new Web-based software that allows teachers and students to interact from web-enabled devices like iPads and other tablets.

Edmodo Open to Developers

The free and secure social learning network Edmodo has opened its API to developers, to create educational applications for teachers and students. The App Store will provide content that integrates directly into the Edmodo platform.

Pen Pal Kids Club

Pen Pal Kids Club, the new global social network for kids, promotes cross-curricular collaboration by integrating nonfiction writing, geography, social studies, and technology.

eScholar Interstate ID eXchange

eScholar Interstate ID eXchange allows staff to find and correctly identify students who travel between participating states. It provides unduplicated identification and maintains aliases of participating states.

FLVS online tutoring in math and science

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is now offering online math and science tutoring for all students. All a student needs is a computer, smartphone or other mobile device, and access to the Internet. FLVS online tutors are all college-educated with a Bachelor’s, Masters or Ph.D. degree in their areas of expertise: math or science.

GoodReader iPad Update

The document reader GoodReader has been optimized to support the Retina display of Apple’s new iPad. Combined with the document viewing and management features of GoodReader, users will have a better experience viewing documents, graphics, web pages, and video files on their iPads.

Honeywell Attune Advisory Services

Honeywell has introduced its new Attune Advisory Services. This suite of professional services combines cloudbased tools and analytics with a global network of operations centers, and energy and facility experts to provide enhancements that can reduce utility bills and operating expenses up to 20 percent.

Lexia for the iPad

Lexia Learning is working on Lexia Reading for the iPad, to be available in late 2012. Currently in development, the app is a research-validated literacy program that provides the full functionality of the datadriven, individualized learning program, Lexia Reading.


School Improvement Network has introduced LiveBook, a new professional learning tool. LiveBooks are similar to eBooks in that they are published online and available digitally to readers. However, rather than a single piece of work, LiveBooks can be updated by their authors any time, with revisions instantly added to the existing book.

MimioStudio 9.1

DYMO/Mimio has announced an upgraded release of MimioStudio 9.1 for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, available in 33 languages. MimioStudio 9 also features upgrades for the ActivityWizard. Teachers can create activities targeted for a specific age and grade level, and automatically populate them with relevant facts from the ActivityWizard knowledge engine.

Morae 3.3

TechSmith has released Morae 3.3, an update to the usability software tool. It includes real-time chat, a searchable table of contents, storage on and a pluggable architecture platform.


Early Learning Labs has collaborated with the University of Minnesota to provide myIGDIs—a comprehensive solution for measuring the growth and development of preschool-aged children. myIGDIs give teachers the tools they need for universal screening, progress monitoring and improving teacher-parent communications.


Pearson is partnering with Edvation to help teachers track their skills development and use of technology in the classroom. The online pd21 professional development system helps teachers integrate a wealth of powerful resources into their classrooms.

PLATO Learning Secondary Electives Library

PLATO Learning is partnering with eDynamic Learning to expand its offerings, with 24 new electives. The new Secondary Electives Library is made up of semesterlong courses for students in grades 9-12, and includes courses in psychology, sociology, forensic science, music appreciation, and photography.


PossibilityU, a Web-based solution designed to help students get into college, has launched a college admission curriculum that helps high school guidance counselors direct students to the right college. The curriculum provides a series of data-driven tools to help guide students to the best and most appropriate colleges.

PublicSchoolWORKS and CIPA

PublicSchool- WORKS is helping districts that receive E-Rate funding fulfill the new 2012 CIPA requirements by offering a series of courses specifically designed for teachers and students. CIPA will now require school districts receiving E-Rate discounts to educate minors about appropriate online behavior

Study Island Teacher Toolkit

Archipelago Learning has introduced a Teacher Toolkit for the Webbased instruction program, Study Island. The kit facilitates access to Study Island’s library of K-12 teacher resources to support instruction.

Teachscape Reflect for the iPad

Teachscape has developed an iPad application for its Teachscape Reflect Live classroom observation management and reporting system software. The app allows observers to quickly collect classroom evidence in an offline environment and then upload that data when a Wi-Fi connection is available.

Teach! Strategies & Resources

Kaplan K12 has launched Teach! Strategies & Resources, an online toolkit that helps teachers transition from current classroom instruction to the Common Core State Standards. The kit includes robust instructional and professional development assets.


ByteWorks has launched techBASIC, an app for the iPhone/iPad that supports the STEM initiative. For instance, the app helps students understand functions visually, through interactive graphics that allow twist and zoom manipulations to explore equations from any math class.

Turnitin Partnership with ProQuest

Turnitin has announced a partnership with ProQuest, to include more than 300,000 dissertations and theses from 2008 to the present in the Turnitin comparison database.


Voyager Learning has relaunched VmathLive, a Web-based online math resource that creates a stimulating environment for students in grades 2-8. The learning path is structured so that students work sequentially through a year’s worth of math.


AmpliVox Sound Systems ( has introduced the Radio Hailer communication system, a versatile emergency sound system. The Radio Hailer supports all type of disaster recovery efforts, whether the emergency results from fire, earthquake, tornado, or hazmat incidents.

Bretford ( has introduced its first networkready, 32-unit laptop cart for K-12 and higher education, the MDMLAP32NR. The new cart comes with 32 cables wired to each storage slot and an additional one for connecting the switch to the port on the side of the cart for a total of 33 cables. The MDMLAP32NR is separated into four compartments that store eight devices each for a total of 32 laptops.

Hitachi America ( has added the CP-WX 8255 and CP-X8160 3LCD projectors to its Installation Series lineup. The new projectors offer 360-degree off-axis display capability, a new status monitor, higher brightness, networking capability and many additional enhancements. The company has also released the CP-D31N Short Throw Series 3LCD projector, which can project an 80-inch image at a short throw distance of just 32 inches.

SecurityWorks, Inc. ( has unveiled the Technology Workstand 2005, a mobile and adaptable solution for a multitude of teaching situations. The EZR piston feature lets educators adjust cart height with equipment attached. By allowing secure mounting of any document camera and a laptop computer on a height-adjustable base with wheels, teachers can teach anywhere in the classroom.

FSR ( has introduced an easy-to-install WE-iPAD2-SLV iPad 2 enclosure designed to provide a secure, accessible housing for the iPad2. The optional FSR IT-CHRGP2U PoE to USB charger derives ample power from a standard PoE network connection, and does not require PoE+.

FrontRow ( has released its new touch-screen control panel for ezRoom AV control systems. The new product, model CB6000, organizes all classroom device control into a single reliable screen and gives IT administrators remote and scheduled control of practically any device over the network.

Califone International ( has launched the JB310 Jackbox. The 10-position stereo jackbox is ideal for individuals or small groups who work on computers, tablets, and even smartphones or other devices, which can be connected with its built-in 3.5mm or 1/4” jacks.

Canon ( has released the new XU-80 Remote Control Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) HD Camera, a compact unit with exceptional 16:9 widescreen picture quality, fast pan-and-tilt action, a Genuine Canon 20x HD zoom lens (and additional 12x digital zoom) and a waterproof/dustproof housing for either outdoor or indoor use.

Lutron Electronics ( has introduced updates to its Energi TriPak family of energy-saving products. New, energy retrofit packages allow contractors to order one model number that includes all the components necessary for a simple, dual voltage switching solution with occupancy sensing.

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