Meet the winner of the Tech & Learning Forums Contest "If I Had the Power"

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Melinda SprinkleTeachers and students visited the Tech & Learning forum to tell us what innovative projects they would do with an HP xw4550 workstation. Judges chose Melinda Sprinkle, a teacher at Bedford County Public Schools in Virginia, for her winning ideas. Here are Melinda’s top 10 things she said would do if she “had the power:”

10. I could collaborate with other educators seamlessly.
9. Blogging with students and teachers would be easier.
8. Students could create podcasts.
7. I would create “studycasts” that would allow my students to listen to History reviews from their MP3 players or online.
6. I would create professional videos for learning about topics like the Spanish American War, World War I, and The Civil Rights Movement.
5. Students would participate in VoiceThreads, a multimedia slideshow that can hold photos, documents, and video.
4. I would create interactive, online lessons and activities.
3. Each child would be given individual work time at the computer.
2. I would be able to model the strength of technology in today’s world.
1. If I Had the Power, the kids would have access to a computer, and this, in itself, creates student excitement about learning.

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