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Today’s students grew up with technology and expect to use it to get information, solve problems and communicate. These are the very skills they need now and in the future. When classrooms are equipped with the right combination of technology tools – in a digital learning environment - students can learn all the skills they need. This web site is dedicated to demonstrating how the technologies available in a digital learning environment can be the catalyst for teaching and learning in an era where new skills – and the ability to change as times demand – are paramount. Provided by HP and Intel, this web site and the accompanying live events are truly a guide to digital learning.

Timely tools, resources, and information for K12 leaders about mobile learning solutions. Includes research data, best practices, funding models, deployment strategies, and more. Sponsored by Intel.

Today, educators are faced with a new challenge – holding the attention of technically savvy students who live in a media-on-demand, high definition world. Choosing a DLP education projector makes lessons come alive with vibrant color,superb readability, and outstanding quality that lasts. The 100% digital DLP chip offers superb reliability, enabling teachers to do what they do best – inspire their students to learn. This web site is dedicated to demonstrating how schools and districts can use this technology for teaching and learning in an time where students must learn new content and acquire new skills. This site is provided by DLP and hosted by Tech & Learning, NewBay Media.