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Welcome to HP's Cloud Computing Digital Hub. Here you'll find free resources, eBooks and other information about the exciting new movement to cloud-based infrastructures in K-12 education.

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DLE eBook July 2011Cloud Computing: A Planning Guide
Cloud computing can provide new levels of collaboration, agility, speed, and cost savings for schools or districts of any size and type. But getting the most out of the cloud means understanding the differences in terms of performance, security, control, and availability. This guidebook provides information to help you understand cloud computing – what it is, how it works, and what it can do for your district. There are tips and checklists and additional resources so that you can select the system that will provide the best, most efficient and cost-effective services possible.
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SchoolCloud whitepaper coverCloud Computing for Education: Change is in the Air
Is your head in the cloud? It should be. We’ve all heard the buzz about cloud computing in the past few years. And that excitement has perhaps grown fastest in the world of education. For good reason. Cloud computing represents an enormous opportunity for schools to harness powerful technology and enhance the learning environment, all while helping to lower costs and increase security. And that’s just the beginning. As you’ll see, cloud computing creates a digital learning environment that keeps the focus on the student while providing valuable benefits for teachers, administrators, and IT staff.
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K-12 and the Cloud imageK-12 and the Cloud: A Catalyst for Transformational Change
You’ve seen the benefits that technology brings to education, not only for teaching and learning but also for management and administration. Yet given today’s troubled economy, chances are you’re also concerned about the cost. As applications proliferate, how will you keep up with the constant need to replace or upgrade software, servers and high-performance desktops and notebooks? Maybe it’s time to consider moving some or all of your district’s computing to the cloud. Cloud computing offers an easy and cost-effective way to realize all the benefits that technology in education brings to K-12 classrooms while deriving the greatest value from your district’s IT budget. 
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Cloud Computing in Education (Microsoft)Cloud Computing from Microsoft: Empowering education through choice
Every education institution has distinct goals, standards and regulations, budget pressures, security concerns, and technical legacies. No single approach addresses all technology challenges, and solutions can rarely take a one-size-fits-all approach. The movement toward cloud computing — technologies that enable organizations to access Internet-based information, applications, and services — brings increased choice, flexibility, and capabilities to education IT departments. Cloud computing complements traditional IT models in which software and data are hosted on desktop computers and servers. This evolution gives education institutions the opportunity to balance the need to deliver cost-effective services to students, teachers, faculty, and staff with important institutional demands, including important considerations such as data security, authentication, and system management.
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Cloud Computing in Education: Savings, Flexibility and Choice for IT
The classroom is changing. From when the school bell rings to study sessions that last well into the night, students are demanding more technology services from their schools. It’s important not only to keep pace with their evolving needs, but also to prepare them for the demands of the workplace tomorrow. At the same time, education institutions are under increasing pressure to deliver more for less, and they need to find ways to offer rich, affordable services and tools. Those educators who can deliver these sophisticated communications environments, including the desktop applications that employers use today, will be helping their students find better jobs and greater opportunities in the Future.
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Cloud Computing and 24/7 Learning: How, What, and a Test Drive
Learn what cloud computing means for anytime anywhere learning in a time of shrinking budgets and how Buffalo NY's public schools moved into the cloud. Plus find out about a new product and a research project that you can apply for to test drive the cloud.
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Top 10 Cloud PDFTop 10 Considerations for Moving to the Cloud
There is a recent and exciting movement to cloud-based infrastructures in K–12 education — and for good reason. Cloud computing enables access to applications, data, information, content and curriculum from anywhere an Internet connection is available. It helps improve secure data management and meets the needs of rapidly changing content and software applications. Perhaps best of all, cloud computing helps districts maximize every dollar by creating IT efficiencies, scalability, and compatibility with multiple hardware platforms. By hosting applications, content, and data on a small number of servers — “in the cloud” — district employees, students, and parents have access to the information they need to be successful.
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