Helping Administrators Develop Technology-Empowered Classrooms

Atomic Learning provides superintendents and principals a resource that enables the entire school community to support students in becoming college and career-ready through technology-empowered classrooms.

By partnering with Atomic Learning, you can help bridge the gap between school and home by providing common language on 21st Century Skills that all can embrace as well as help educators plan and transform teaching to align to the Common Core State Standards.

Atomic Learning offers the professional development tools to train teachers, and assessment tools to measure achievement of the skills needed.

Create a successful 21st century skills professional development program that will empower educators with the knowledge, training and resources needed to integrate these skills into the classroom and ultimately impact students. Learn more about the Atomic Learning solution.

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    Triumph Learning Joins Digital Learning Alliance
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    Atomic Learning Offers Seamless Ed Tech Training Tool Integration at BbWorld 2014
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