Reducing the Costs of Implementing the Common Core State Standards

A recent article in Education Week asks the question “How Much Will the Common Core Cost?” The article highlights money-saving ways to implement the Common Core State Standards, the largest implementation savings are linked to using technology in three areas: curriculum materials, tests, and professional development.

At Atomic Learning, we didn’t design Atomic TechCore to save districts money on implementation costs; we designed a product that would allow educators and administrators to collaborate to determine the best way to incorporate the new Mathematics and English Language Arts standards into curriculum. This meant encompassing professional development, lesson planning, and student delivery, in addition to rubrics to gauge learning metrics all in one tool.  With Atomic TechCore, districts are able to review existing tools within the district to make sure that the components of the standards are woven into the classroom as seamlessly and as efficiently as possible.

So, while we set out to build a product which eases the burden of implementation for districts, we are pleased that Atomic TechCore provides savings benefits in both time and money while at the same time helping districts merge technology, standards, and teaching into curriculum.

Click here to learn more about how Atomic TechCore can help your district implement the Common Core State Standards.

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