Mobile web app publishing service launched

Jadu, Inc. a global  web contact management vendor, today announced a new mobile web publishing service called Weejot that will allow organizations to publish apps to the mobile web.
Weejot is delivered through a cloud based software as a service (SaaS) network. It provides organizations and marketers with the tools to deploy and manage mobile web applications based on apps and icons that can be deployed to handheld devices supporting the HTML5 and CSS3 standards such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices.
Weejot provides tools to create and deploy apps inside the Weejot "AppStudio." It uses data from back office systems, social networks and content management systems as well as embedding maps and the ability to share and distribute those apps over the web. Developers can use the Weejot Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop their own AppTemplates which can then connect to back office systems to present mobile data.
Jadu is accepting early registrations on the Weejot service and is inviting organizations and personal account users to secure their user names
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