Pearson's Inquiry-Based Middle School Math Program Offers New Common Core Coherent Online Learning Environment

Connected Mathematics Project 3 Combines Digital Tools, Research-based Instructional Approach for Creating Mathematical Thinkers

Denver, CO - April 17, 2013 - Today at the 2013 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Conference, Pearson announced Connected Mathematics Project 3 (CMP3), the next generation of its inquiry-based middle grades math program, built to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and the Eight Standards for Mathematical Practice. Originally funded by the National Science Foundation and developed at Michigan State University, the new edition of Connected Mathematics embodies the Common Core, and offers a carefully curated suite of technology tools that actively engages students in understanding and making meaning of mathematical content. Designed to develop rigorous higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving strategies, the new CMP3 digital assets provide teachers easy access to a robust set of online resources to help students define and solve problems with reason, insight, inventiveness and technical proficiency.

“The goals of the new CMP3 program are 100% aligned to the goals of the Common Core —ensuring that our middle school students become mathematical thinkers and are prepared to be competitive with their global peers,” said Pearson’s Senior Vice President Mike Evans. “The program's proven research-based approach to mathematics instruction, combined with the engaging digital resources and tools, will set students on a trajectory for success in college and careers.”

Evans said the CMP3 program has been designed to accommodate teachers in whatever mode they choose — all-digital, all-print, or a blended model.

CMP3 provides online learning environments for both teachers and students. In “Teacher’s Place,” middle school educators will find digital tools for instruction and classroom management as well as a community where they can collaborate with peers from around the country. In “Student Place,” learners use ACTIVe-book, for access to their online math content, homework, and teacher comments as well as MathXL®, a personalized digital tool for practicing math skills.

CMP3's team of authors includes: James T. Fey, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland; Susan N. Friel, Professor of Mathematics Education in the School of Education, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Glenda Lappan, University Distinguished Professor in the Program in Mathematics Education (PRIME) and the Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University (MSU); and Elizabeth Difanis Phillips, Senior Academic Specialist in PRIME and the Department of Mathematics, MSU.

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