Teachers From 25 Countries Around the Globe Are Flipping Learning Today, the First “Flipped Day”

Hundreds Take the Pledge to Use this Innovative Instructional Model

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sept. 6, 2013 – Today nearly 400 teachers from 25 countries around the globe are flipping learning in their classrooms in celebration of the first “Flipped Day.” They have taken the pledge to use this innovative model of instruction with their students and discover the ways that it increases student engagement and, ultimately, improves student achievement.

In the Flipped Learning model, some or most of direct instruction is delivered outside the group learning space using video or other modes of delivery. Class time, then, is available for students to engage in hands-on learning, collaborate with their peers, and evaluate their

progress and for teachers to provide one-on-one assistance, guidance and inspiration.

Hosted by the Flipped Learning Network, TechSmith, Pearson and the companies listed below, Flipped Day aims to increase awareness of this student-centered instructionalmodel by asking teachers to take the pledge to flip one with the expectation this leads to further flipped units or an entire course.

Teachers flipping lessons today span the subject areas from computer/technology to world languages and teachers at all grade levels took the pledge. The countries represented on “Flipped Day” span the globe with teachers from Argentina and Italy to Singapore and Zimbabwe participating.

While they had the opportunity to use the curated lessons listed below, the majority of educators reported that they were using lessons and videos they created themselves. Topics included: back-to-school procedures; library skills; poetry; mythology; polynomial functions; comparing and ordering whole numbers; adding fractions; self-defense; scientific measurements; aquatic ecology; diet; maps; and life in the colonies.

A recent review of the literature on flipped learning concluded that while quantitative and rigorous qualitative data on Flipped Learning is limited, there is a great deal of research that supports the key elements of the model with respect to instructional strategies for engaging students in learning. The research that exists demonstrates that teacher who are flipping their classrooms report higher student achievement, increased student engagement and better attitudes toward learning and school. In addition, the teachers report that their job satisfaction has improved.

“Flipped Day “Turn-key lessons include:

§ Project WET: Discover the Incredible Journey of Water in the Water Cycle

§ Carolina Biological Supply Company: How Big is a Living Cell?

§ PBS LearningMedia: Design and Build a Tangle-Free Headphone Holder

§ Sophia Learning: The Study of Density

§ WGBH: Internal and External Character Conflict

§ Mackin Educational Resources: Computer Use & Policies

§ eduCanon: Inference vs. Observation

§ Channel One: National Youth Orchestra Ambassadors Program

§ Knowmia: What is Temperature? Or Distance Formula

About the Flipped Learning Network

Founded in 2012, the mission of the Flipped Learning Network™ is to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources to successfully implement Flipped Learning. The goals of the FLN are to provide professional learning opportunities; conduct, collaborate and disseminate relevant research; and act as the clearinghouse for distributing promising practices for current and future “flipped” educators. The FLN’s online professional learning community currently has 15,000 members; growing at a rate of 1,000 per month. For more information, visit www.flippedlearning.org


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