Teachers Can Now Earn Graduate Credits through Completed Atomic Learning Training

Atomic Learning now provides grad credit options to meet educators’ personal and professional growth objectives. These 1-, 2-, and 3-credit training options focus on the effective application of technology in the classroom.

For 1 graduate credit, Atomic Learning customers complete any of the more than 300 workshops or projects available from Atomic Learning, and then complete additional reflective steps to qualify for credits through Augustana College.  The cost to earn the self-paced graduate credit is $125.

The 2- and 3-credit options utilize Atomic Catalyst courses. These are 6-week, instructor-led courses that build upon Atomic Learning content from a highly-qualified course facilitator. Each week a webinar is held with a live instructor to collaborate and discuss topics, strategies, and apply new skills. The cost to enroll in a course is $150 per individual teacher, or a school can choose to purchase enrollment vouchers for their teachers.

Completion of each course qualifies the teacher for 2 graduate credits, which are awarded through our academic partner, Learner’s Edge for $195 in addition to the course enrollment fee. If 3 graduate credits are desired, participants can elect to do further reflective work beyond the 6-week course, which upon completion qualifies them for 3 graduate credits at a cost of $265 in addition to the course enrollment fee.

With both options, educators need to register with Learner’s Edge and successfully complete any remaining course requirements.  After completion, educators earn their respective credits from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD, an NCA and NCATE accredited school. These are graded, semester, graduate-level credits that very often are transferrable into other graduate programs and qualify for licensure renewal.

For more information on earning graduate credits through Atomic Learning and to view a full list of upcoming Atomic Catalyst courses, learn more here.

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