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by Atomic Learning On 06/01/2012

It's difficult to talk about assessment without having "Bloom's Taxonomy" pop up eventually, and that's a good thing. Bloom's is proven and believed in, and gives us a structure that makes sense and we can follow. When talking about integrating technology, however, I think there's a great irony with the framework. (Note, this is strictly my opinion, based on my own experience and observation). Using technology should make it easier to get to the top levels of the taxonomy, or perhaps it's better to say that with technology the top levels are more accessible to more students. The irony is that we spend so much time in the bottom two layers learning the technology we never get much higher than apply. The pyramid implies that we have to start at the bottom and move our way up. With many things I believe that's true. But when it comes to integrating technology, I think we need a different image. What works for me is a unicycle.

by Atomic Learning On 03/26/2012

Atomic Learning announces the early availability of the new Atomic TechCore solution. Atomic Learning is an edtech leader known for its professional development and tech integration tools for the K-12 market. The Atomic TechCore solution was developed in response to district needs to address the technology components embedded in the Common Core State Standards. To learn more about how Atomic TechCore supports your districts Common Core implementation, visit  

by Atomic Learning On 01/21/2013

How are you using iPads in the classroom? As an administrator, do you need help figuring out how to support teachers? If so, check out the archive of Atomic Learning’s free webinar “Help! MyStudents All Have iPads: Now What?” with Brad Flickinger. To keep the story moving, connect with the Atomic Learning User Group in Edmodo. We want to hear your story—what’s working, what isn’t? How can we join forces to make iPad implementations more successful? This energetic presentation is the beginning of the conversation, not the end of a lecture. We look forward to collaborating with you soon! Photo Credit: BigStockPhoto Handicapped-person-at-work-wit-30325076

by Atomic Learning On 01/24/2013

Does the thought of implementing the Common Core State Standards strike fear into your heart? Does knowing that more than half of the standards have a technology component seem daunting? Let Atomic Learning help. Atomic TechCore provides educators help with unpacking the standards as well as technology infused lessons that align with the CCSS.

by Atomic Learning On 01/29/2013

The introduction of new standards are creating quite a bit of stir and a bit of confusion. Not only have the CCSS changed the content being taught, more than half of the standards contain a technology component. To help with the change, Atomic Learning has developed Atomic TechCore to help educators implement the new standards.

by Atomic Learning On 02/06/2013

This year, Atomic Learning is following three teachers as they implement the Common Core State Standards in their classroom. One of those teachers is Tabitha, a Georgia teacher facing the challenges of implementing the standards into her 3rd grade classroom. In her Atomic TechCore series, Tabitha has addressed planning, technology tools, and specifics for teaching math, ELA, and science aligned to the CCSS. Additional video journals: English Language Arts in High School: Catlin's Story Mathematics in Junior High: Tim's Story Learn about CCSS-aligned lessons, using appropriate tools and other attributes of the Atomic TechCore solution at our website.

by Atomic Learning On 06/04/2012

Atomic Learning provides superintendents and principals a resource that enables the entire school community to support students in becoming college and career-ready through technology-empowered classrooms.

by Atomic Learning On 05/16/2012

Starting in July, all school districts receiving E-rate funding will have to meet the stipulations of the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act. Atomic Learning has the resources necessary to meet the Internet Safety requirements for E-rate, in addition to the reporting tools you will need to track student participation.  To help support schools in addressing those requirements, we’re compiling all these resources in a Spotlight page that will be available for the 2012-2013 school year.  To help in your planning, we wanted to share the resources that will be included with our customers before the Spotlight page launches. 

by Atomic Learning On 05/17/2012

Join educational technologist Todd Pierson for a 6-week online course held June 13-25, as he discusses interactivity, engagement and the benefits of using an interactive whiteboard in the classroom held. The Atomic Catalyst course Engaging Students with Interactive Whiteboards is a six-week course that discusses interactivity and engagement, as well as the benefits of using an interactive whiteboard in the classroom. Educators will be able to participate with peer connection in online discussions, and complete and submit course assignments throughout the professional development sessions. For $150, participants will learn to bring life into their classroom with six 1-hour webinar sessions led by an instructor over the course of 6 weeks. Additional fees apply to receive 2- or 3-grad credits if desired. To register for the course visit

by Atomic Learning On 05/22/2012

Atomic Learning now provides grad credit options to meet educators’ personal and professional growth objectives. These 1-, 2-, and 3-credit training options focus on the effective application of technology in the classroom.

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