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A Glossary of Literary Terms

A Glossary of Literary Terms This site provides a long list of literary terms complete with full definitions and examples. The definitions are easy to understand; examples of texts represent the classic literary canon. There is also a convenient link to Dr. Harris's "Handbook of Rhetorical Devices."

Q & A to Build Community

Tip: There are no dumb questions, right? But have you ever been slammed for asking a question on a forum or blog? I was so embarrassed on a Web 2.0 techie forum by the responses to my question that I never went back. I really needed an answer but was insulted by one of the so-called tech experts. So I started

A whitepaper on Proxy Abuse

From SmoothWall's 2009 whitepaper Anonymous proxy servers that pass users' web requests onto other servers on the internet are becoming an increasingly pervasive problem in schools – and one that can only be prevented with intelligent filtering solutions. Anonymous proxies pose