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21st Century Skills: What Do They Look Like?

Brought to you by     Thursday, October 8 | 10 am PST 1 pm EST Wondering exactly what 21st Century Skills are all about? Trying to determine what steps to take to begin bringing 21st Century Skills into classroom projects?

21st Century Skills for 21st Century Work

We've spent a lot of time talking about the importance of teaching 21st Century skills, but there are still a few nay-sayers on staff who want to see a specific correlation between what we say we need to teach and what employers are looking for. I've used some U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, but I need more

21st Century Literacies(2)

21st Century Literacies 21st Century Literacies refer to the skills needed to flourish in today's society and in the future. This site, focusing on four 21st century literacies - "Information," "Media," "Multicultural," and "Visual" — contains many resources, both bibliographic and Web-based, to

21st Century Innovators

The aim of this site is to encourage students to become the innovators of the future. In addition to offering multimedia ways to learn how some innovations have occurred, it also provides three areas Learning Space, Career Pathway, and Multimedia.

Eighteenth-Century Songs and Music

Listen to and learn about the music of eighteenth century America by browsing through this collection of secular, sacred, and martial songs and musical compositions. Audio files for a range of music, spanning the colonial and Revolutionary War periods in