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Virtualization monitor promo image

Virtualization monitor

 LG Electronics USA is introducing its P Series Network Monitors for virtualization computing this week at InfoComm 2011 (booth 2543). 

Changing Monitor Colors

Question: Somehow the monitor colors on my classroom computer have changed. Now photos and other images do not look as good as they used to. How do I fix this? The IT Guy says: Some programs require that the computer be set to 256 colors, and may automatically change this setting. If the program does not restore

Erratic computer monitor

Question: My computer monitor in my classroom will be clear one minute and then flicker the next. Any suggestions? The IT Guy says: Check first for a loose cable, either into the back of the monitor or from the monitor into the back of your computer. You can also power cycle the monitor (turn it on and off)

Monitoring and controlling lab printing

Question: The quantity of paper printed in our library and computer labs by students is out of control. A large number of these pages are wasted and not even used. What can be done? The IT Guy says: The best option is to train network computer users to adhere to acceptable use policies, which should include

Network monitors unveiled

 LG Electronics USA today unveils its U Series Network Monitors at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC).