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More than a Signature Required

We have Acceptable Use and Copyright Policies that students and parents sign annually. But recently when a student was discovered using a school computer to download multiple copyrighted files, she claimed ignorance of the provisions of both policies. Isn’t her signature on the form proof of notification? If your

Technology & Learning Editor Kevin Hogan Interviewed

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Kevin Hogan again at BETT this year. Kevin is the Editor of Technology and Learning, which is a good magazine, a great website, and a brilliant blog and a new international blog. In this short video he talks about BETT, and the differences between educational technology in the USA and the UK, as well as his plans for the magazine.

PDF App Introduces Quick Digital Signatures

GoodReader’s  PDF reader and file management app for iPhone and iPad now offers 3-tap access to pre-composed signatures, which are stored securely and can optionally be protected by a fingerprint on devices equipped with Touch ID.

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On Balance (by Kevin Jarrett)

Cross posted on Welcome to NCS Tech photo credit pshutterbug How often have you heard a colleague (or family member, for that matter) say "Can you give me a hand with insert random technology task ?" The answer, for