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Viable Alternative to MS Office

Question: Software licensing for MS Office continues to be extremely expensive in our school district. Are their viable, free alternatives to MS Office for Windows and Macintosh computers that provide compatible word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation file sharing? The IT Guy says: Yes, absolutely. OpenOffice

Support for MS Office for Macintosh

Question: How can I get free support on Microsoft Office Mac? The IT Guy says: Free support for MS Office for Macintosh is available from “Office 2004 for Mac”. A searchable knowledge database specifically related to Office for Mac is in the right sidebar: enter keywords for the problem with which you want help

Getting Started in Pinnacle

 Learn about setting up your Pinnacle account and password by watching the video below, or watch it on YouTube here.  Quickflicks courtesy of Atomic Learning  

Follow the Money, Part II: What to Do With It promo image

Quick Start Guide to Where the Money is and How to Get it

Funding for education is always a concern and in challenging economic times like these, districts worry even more than usual about where they will find the moneyto pay for ongoing programs and new initiatives. This Quick Start Guide and companion