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Robert Burns

This well organized site from the National Library of Scotland contains a wealth of information about the life and times of Robert Burns.  Learn about his family, every stage of his life, legacy, and more.  Numerous colorful images are available


Robert Mills Gagné

Robert Mills Gagné (1916 1969) began to develop his “conditions of learning” as a research manager at the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense following World War II. Throughout his career, the educational psychologist greatly added to the knowledge

Robert Kozma

 Despite having retired from the Center for Technology in Learning, Robert Kozma continues to help link technology with education reform and economic and social development

Robert E. Clow Elementary School

Name: Robert E. Clow Elementary School Located in Naperville, Illinois, Robert E. Clow Elementary is a K-5 school. The Home page is very simple, focused on entries listed as Current News, Current Events, and Information About Our School. For visitors seeking more specific information about other areas, additional

Program: Tech Forum Northeast

Program OverviewBelow is a recap of the day's sessions and events, complete with handouts and other materials submitted by presenters. Now that the conference is over, you can use this page to access handouts and presentations posted by the speakers.


SpeakersSpeakers at Technology & Learning's Tech Forum are innovators in the field of educational technology. With years of experience as conference presenters, educators, school leaders and Technology & Learning authors, they offer a unique perspective on technology challenges and solutions.