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Livescribe Computerized Pen by Tim Lauer

Livescribe is a paper based computing platform that integrates the use of a computerized pen, specialized paper, and computer software to create an environment for capturing hand written notes that can be saved and shared on your computer. The specialized

Make Your Handwriting into a Font by Tim Lauer

YourFonts is a free online font generator that allows you to easily create a computer font from a sample of your handwriting. Fonts created work on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The process of font creating involves downloading and printing

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Web Security: Protecting Kids and Data

Brought to you by        Thursday April 23, 2009 at 1 p.m. PST 4 p.m. EST Click here to register for this FREE eventAs Internet enhanced learning becomes more powerful and widespread, districts worry more about security. Mitigating the

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Netbooks in K-12: Thinking Big by Thinking Small

Brought to you by        Thursday, October 15 | 1 pm PST 4 pm EST In today’s challenging economy, school districts must do more with less. Some have found success with new technologies that allow them to address student needs

Tech Forum Conference Vault

Conference Vault Welcome to the TechForum "vault." Here you can access presentations, handouts and other information from past Tech Forum events. West Tech Forum West 2009 Tech Forum Long Beach 2008 Tech Forum Long Beach 2007 Tech Forum San Diego

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Overview: Tech Forum New York 2010

JOIN YOUR REGION'S TOP EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS Event Information: Tech Forum Chicago: Insight and Innovation for Technology Leaders Friday April 23, 2010 Eaglewood Resort 1401 Nordic Rd Itasca, IL 60143 630-773-1400   What is Tech Forum? Brought to you by the tea