Time Management Online

Tip: Have you ever gone online intending to check your Email or search the Web only to find yourself several hours later somewhere else online. The online environment is appealing, and sometimes those going online for an online course can be sidetracked by something else that pops up. Some ideas for the

Discarding Outdated Computers

We are disposing of a number of old computers. I know that they should be recycled, not just thrown away, but is there anything else we need to do? Your computers probably have files of student work and other information such as addresses, telephone numbers, or grades stored on the hard drives. When school

Dealing with Copyright

Tip: Students today are increasingly accustomed to going to Google Images to find any image that they need for a class project and then copying it and pasting it into their project without thinking at all about copyright. Many teachers allow this to go on because they are not sure what else to do. Copyright

Splogs and Plagairism

Tip: Have you ever seen your blog posted with someone else's name or find they are misusing your content? This is called a Splog where a plagiarist is scraping full feed content and republishing it easily. Content theft and plagiarism are common occurrences in the blogosphere. Problems caused by SPLOGs

Are Humans Alone in the Universe?

Are Humans Alone in the Universe? Is there someone else out there? This visually stunning site approaches the question of extraterrestrial life with an optimistic outlook. The interactive site discusses our solar system, unmanned spaces missions, and surrounding celestial bodies. Japan Science and

Take a Walk in the 'Other Guy's' Shoes

The district Information Technology (IT) staff and teachers often feel they are working at cross-purposes. I’ve made a point of inviting IT staff to attend site technology committee meetings, and a representative has attended, but there’s still friction. What else can I do? Joint participation in