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Excellent Web-based Resources

A good Professional Developer knows how to help teachers help themselves. A good place to start is a Web site of a major textbook publisher. Most offer all sorts of resources aligned to curriculum, and your teachers will find all sorts of helpful ‘goodies’ just by browsing the following sites: Pearson/Prentice

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Name: Federal Resources for Educational Excellence Brief Description of the Site: FREE is an acronym for the U.S. Department of Education's Federal Resources for Educational Excellence. The site is comprised of 50 federal agencies that supply free materials for educators. Resources at the site include lesson

Web Resources for Identifying Hoaxes

Question: What are some of the best Website resources to use when trying to determine if an email is hoax or urban legend? The IT Guy says: Some of the best are the Symantec Hoax List, the Trend Micro Hoax list, Hoax Busters, and Scambusters. Next Tip: Identity Theft

New RTI Web Resource

 The Web site integrates RTI informational resources, professional development opportunities and Pearson's assessment and curriculum intervention solutions that effectively fit the multi-tiered RTI approach to promote high-quality, standards-based instruction and intervention.

Awards of Excellence - Product Gallery

Check out some of the 2007 winners below Ace Reader Pro     BrainPOP Jr.   Corel    DyKnow LanSchool  LeapFrog    Rand McNally   Raptivity  Teacher Web    StepWare, Inc.Winning Product AceReader Pro Deluxe Plushttp www.acereader.comTapped as last year's

Excel in Excel

 Duffy Ventures, LLC has launched Excel Everest, an interactive Microsoft Excel tutorial that automatically grades you as you learn.