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Baseball, Earth Day and STEM Teaching Resources for April

April is National Poetry Month, but it also brings Earth Day and to celebrate we make sure our students understand the concept of an Eco footprint through the use of Digital Footprint activities.

Do your students know their Digital Footprint?

Earth Day, Monday, April 22, 2019, is the perfect day for students to discover what their footprint shows.  Choose Your Digital Footprint Adventure: Select a scenario, Make choices along the way and then Read how your choices affect your digital footprint and your career.

Digital Baseball Cards

Yep. 2019 is the 150th anniversary of professional baseball and opening day was March 28th.  The earliest it has ever been! Baseball trading cards were first printed in the late 1860s.  Today, there is also a category called non-sports trading cards.  The ReadWriteThink Trading Card interactive tool gives students an alternative way to demonstrate their knowledge and skill when writing about anything.  It even gives a place for sources. Students can create trading cards about Artists, Coders, Scientists, Writers or their favorite Superhero.  

81st International Technology & Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) Annual Conference

While at the conference, we saw some really cool things including some activities from NASA, college robot competitions and a mobile zSpace AR/VR learning experience, which was a bus full of computers using 3D technology to create experiences with everything to demonstrate virtual and augmented reality.  We dissected a brain, did some virtual welding and left with lots of great ideas and advice for creating STEM/STEAM programs. All information about the conference is posted on the ITEEA website. As part of the STEM Showcase we exchanged information with people from all over the United States and the world such as Hangzou, China; Hong Kong, Hong Kong; and Taiwan.

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Deborah Marshall is the Department Chair of Career & Technical Education and Lisa McKnight Ward is the librarian at Granby High School in Norfolk,   Virginia. Both are Nationally Board Certified, former Teachers of the Year, who have taught multiple subjects including AP and IB courses. They   have over a decade of experience collaborating on technology-based learning. Read more at