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News & Trend Topics Debating the Future Net Reading First Under Scrutiny Quotation of the Month Survey Says Blog Watch Debating the Future Net Sharing large video files at astonishing speeds over a school network may be the wave of the future, but technology experts have yet to agree on what that new Insert Above Insert Below Duplicate Move Up Move Down Remove

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from Technology & Learning The virtual conference scene, growing innovation in Silicon Valley, the promise of Web 3.0, and weighing in with the D.O.E. Virtually Possible The Best Practices and Education Conference, an international meeting of educators held in Second Life over 24 hours, brought together

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from Technology & Learning Bulletproof backpacks are the latest must-have school accessory, Negroponte brings his XO home, and a new tool for your own rubric. Hello, Home-Schooling! A disturbing new sign of our increasingly violent times comes in the form of's bullet-resistant

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Google's Three Words By Amy Poftak Adapt or die. That was the Darwinian-inspired message Vint Cerf gave at the Third Conference on Innovation Journalism at Stanford University last month. Cerf, Google's vice president and chief Internet evangelist (he's also known as the "Founding Father" of the Internet), was

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Video Game Backlash? By: Mark Smith Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill passed by the California State Legislature in September aimed at curbing the rental and sale of violent video games to minors. Assembly Bill 1179 levies $1,000 fines to companies that rent or sell video games that depict "heinous" and Insert Above Insert Below Duplicate Move Up Move Down Remove

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Opening day at the School of the Future, bad batteries, and a Web 2.0 confab for educators. Plus: parent's attitudes toward cell phones in class. But Will There Be Tchotchkes? By Amy Poftak Prepare to get geeky. This month ushers in the first-ever online convention to discuss Web 2.0 tools in K-12 education and

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Next big thing: Epson MovieMate 55 Open-source reading literacy resources Benefits of virtualization How green are schools really getting? The essential facts about RTI Fighting back against cyber bullies Interactive math Sites we like

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from Technology & Learning Rating computers' effect on improved writing skills, E-rate celebrates 10th anniversary, open source spelled out in new book Quote of the Month "One of the emptiest slogans in the history of politics" —Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) on No

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from Technology & Learning Arizona Governor to continue to Innovate America, feds woeful response to Katrina-ravaged schools, more on Web 2.0. Innovation America Continues Her term as National Governor's Association chair may have just ended, but Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano has no plans to walk