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The Wire FAQ

What is The Wire?

The Wire was conceived as a “Virtual Press Conference” a place where Industry professionals can self post press releases and other newsworthy announcements, as well as any related links. It is a professional platform for announcing new product releases, technology updates, industry hires and promotions, case studies, installation news, and research data. It serves to aggregate industry news releases in a single, focused location.  Most Wire postings are the same official news content as is typically sent via email to the press and/or posted on a company’s home site. The Wire also serves as an initial source for Tech and Learning editors to use when researching content for print, newsletters, and other editorial vehicles.

Who can join The Wire?

Members of the Wire are made up of credentialed professionals in the Education industry including publicists, marketing professionals, systems integrators and consultants. Members adhere to the same professional standards required of any official press communication. They are solely responsible for guaranteeing the accuracy of their information, and they are responsible for any necessary clearances and permissions, as they would be with any press release or public communication. T&L editors do not edit or alter content on The Wire.

How do I join The Wire?

Credentials can be requested by email

. Indicate your requested user name and password. You will receive an email when we have created your account and you may login, change your password and profile and begin posting.

What are the benefits of posting to The Wire?

Your press releases and other news communications are seen immediately by visitors to T&L and visible to search. You expose you content to a targeted professional demographic Press releases posted to a neutral site are often better trafficked than when they are published on your own site. Additionally your press releases and other news communications are distributed throughout the T&Lsite for increased visibility in relevant sections and on search. By posting to the Wire you are also raising the visibility of your news with our editors. The Wire isthe first place our editors go when they begin researching for print, newsletters and online. Our editors will push to selected postings via social media and through newsletters.

What can I post to The Wire?

Any news release that is relevant to the Education industry and is approved by your client or employer for public distribution. You may also post case studies, short news items, and photographs for which you have use permission.Traditional press releases are entirely appropriate, but feel free to use other formats that you think will engage our readers. By posting to the site you are confirming that you have all necessary approvals and permissions and that you are responsible for the accuracy and legality of the content you post.

Will my press releases or posts be bylined?

You can set up your byline to be any name you wish: your name, your agency name, or you client(s) company name(s). You can post for all your clients under one name or you can have separate logins and accounts for each client. There is no limit to the number of Wire accounts you may have.

Will my press releases or posts be edited?

No. You are responsible for the content you post to The Wire. It will not be altered intentionally by NewBay. Please check formatting on your posts carefully and let us know if you have technical difficulties

What if I discover a mistake or need to change something in one of my posts?

As a Wire Contributor you have access to all your posts for editing or unpublishing at any time. If you have any issues with access or functionality you can contact Christine or I and we will help you edit or unpublish your post.

Can I set my press releases to publish at a future date?

Yes, there is simple functionality that allows you to complete a posting and give it a future date. It will publish to the site automatically on the future date you have set. You will have access to the post at any time before it is published, so you can revise or delete it, as well as change the publication date at any time. Both published and unpublished posts appear on your Dashboard and you can manage and alter them at any time. Please be aware that Christine and I can see unpublished posts.

Please bear this in mind with NDA or embargoed information. If you have any questions about this functionality please let us  know and we will walk you through it.

Will my posts be commented on?

Comments are not enabled on The Wire at this time.

Can I add images?

Yes! You may add any images for which you have appropriate use permissions.   Please note that adding an image in the body of the article and adding a promo image are two separate items.  Promo images appear next the article title on listing pages.

Can I add links?

Yes. You may link on to information on your your clients’ sites or to any other information you wish, including stories that appear on our sites or other sites.

Can I add keywords?

Yes. There is backend functionality for keywords.

How will my press releases and posts be distributed?

Everything posted will be visible to readers of The Wire in chronological order. In addition, all headlines will be pulled by RSS feed to the home page of T&L in chronological order. All postings will be visible in this manner and will remain visible on The Wire and searchable via search engine or internal search until you remove them.

How will my press releases and posts be distributed? (cont.)

In addition, when you post your content, there are a series of terms you can use to further distribute your headlines by RSS feed to the relevant sub-sections of T&L(i.e. Projectors, Loudspeakers, Corporate AV, etc.). Please check only those boxes that are relevant to your content in order to maintain the reader experience and credibility of The Wire.

You will also have the opportunity to check the content category that corresponds with each of our newsletters and supplements, as well as some of our print sections. By checking these boxes, you are indicating that your content is relevant to the given newsletter or publication, and asking us to consider the posting for inclusion in those additional media opportunities. Please use professional judgment in assigning your content to these sections. We will choose Wire content for additional distribution in print, newsletter, or social media solely at editorial discretion. 

We also reserve the right to reassign your content at any time based on whether we consider that content to be relevant to given site section. (We can uncheck the boxes). Please help preserve the value of The Wire and select only those terms that are most relevant to your content

Can I link to my Wire posting from other sources and social media?

Yes. Each of your Wire postings has a unique permanent URL. If you click on the headline of your posting you will see the URL in your browser bar. You can also see the URL in the Wire backend and you can set up tiny URLs there as well. We encourage you to point people to your postings from social media and your own publishing platforms.

How will my press releases and posts be archived?

Your posts (and their permanent URLs) will remain visible on The Wire in chronological order and searchable until you remove them. Additionally by clicking on your byline(s) you are taken to an archive of all postings under that byline with a unique URL. That is your personal archive. In this way, you can easily find your own aggregated posts and/or point your clients to all of the posts you have made in their behalf. If you wish, you can pull your archive as an RSS feed into your site or your client’s site.

Please note:

When you initiate a post please save immediately and often. The Wire CMS does not have auto-save or auto-recovery.

Registering for the Wire

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