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 Dark Emotion:Lexie Norfleet, Grade 8, Woodward Academy, College Park, GA (middle school runner up)
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Boyhood Bravery: Andrew Wilson, Grade 12, Riverview hih School, Sarasota, FL (high school runner up)


Our pride: Josh Hettrick, Grade 10, Daniel HS, Madison, CT (high school runner up)


Yosemite Stream: Brendan James, Grade 7, The Wilson School, Mountain Lakes, NJ (middle school runners up)

Room 208

Name: Room 208 Bob Sprankle teaches 3rd and 4th grade at Wells Elementary Elementary School in Wells, ME. Since 1999, Sprankle has used first a Web site, then a blog to share information with parents and showcase student work. Sprankle's students have gained national recognition for their podcasts. How to use the

flower bw

Light: Melissa Cannon, Grade 11, Harbor Springs, High School, Harbor Springs, MI (high school runner up)

shooting hoops

 Shooting Hoops: Madisyn Johnson, Grade 5, Loganville Springfield Elementary, York, PA (elementary runner up)

Preparing the Room for the Videoconference

Tip: You can set up the room and create an environment that makes your videoconference successful. Do a test call to ensure equipment compatibility. Make sure your background color is neutral. Get rid of any clutter such as paper, wires, writing on a board, painting or a map behind you that might distract during

Mr. Bliss's Art Room

Name: Mr. Bliss's Art Room Chan Bliss teaches Art at Mary Bryant Elementary School in Tampa, Florida. He maintains this Web site for his elementary art classes and as a means for communication with students’ parents. How to use the site: Mr. Bliss reports, “I use this site to bring art into the students’